Happy Friday, You Guys!

And here it is – the end of the work week and I’m getting somewhat stressed about the current workload from our lecturers. I love university but pissy, stress-inducing modules are just that – pissy, stress-inducing modules. Then again we are nearing the holiday’s so it’s not suprising that the worst is coming.

Anyway, to share some my recent music appreciation I warmly, warmly recommend Of Monsters and Men’s album for some easy, chilling tones. I’ve been listening to it the past days while working and it is a superb album. If you like Mumford and Sons, Sigur Ros and Kate Nash then you will love this album.  Joy of joy when I just noticed that Of Monsters and Men released their new video.

Oh, and my cousins/roommates just informed me that they were present for the concert above and that it was amazing.

By the way – Edinburgh is gorgeous after the darkness has fallen. I walked four hours straight today and witnessed a beautiful sunset and nightfall.

To be honest, winter could not come any sooner… I miss snow.



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