Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it… Well, Not Yet

I’ve been getting into a festive mood, in between juggling the final assignments of the term and taking care of some minor details before I head home (10 days!). It finally snows, if irregularly, and we have our Christmas tree up and shining. Also, the green grocery underneath us has pine trees out on the curb so every time I walk home I get an intense waft of wonderful, wintry pine. Photo 02-12-2012 19 31 26 Photo 02-12-2012 19 32 03 Photo 02-12-2012 19 33 20 Photo 03-12-2012 00 13 31 Photo 03-12-2012 00 15 38 Photo 04-12-2012 00 23 12 Photo 04-12-2012 00 25 01 Photo 04-12-2012 09 48 54
Photo 05-12-2012 10 49 07 Photo 04-12-2012 23 11 28 Photo 04-12-2012 23 12 01

But most wonderful of all is how the entire city is preparing for the coming holiday’s. Christmas trees, light and markets everywhere. It really does get you into a seasonal mood. The thing that throws me off though is how warm it is. It’s the 5th of December and I’m still using my Converse sneakers for walking to lectures and the campus. I’m used to the temperature being -17 degrees and meters of snow, not +1 or 0 degrees with barely any frost on the pavement.And the fact that I still have three assignments for finish off is a bit of a mood  killer…. Still, got to get myself into the mood with some music which has been playing in most stores from the end of November.


P.s You might have noticed that it’s snowing on the blog… I figured that since it’s not snowing in the real world, it has to snow in cyber world.


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