Procastrination is a Wonderful Thing

But before I dive back into the wonderful heap of books I need to go through to-day I though I’d share my opinion on the new iTunes. Unsurprisingly I was rather skeptic as to how it would actually work since I enjoyed the previous version a lot. To be entirely truthful I think I enjoy the new version even more. Some of the smaller functions are things that many users wanted for, myself included.

Screen Grab07 copy

The new, sleek and smaller window is marvelous. It’s small but compact – everything you need to see is clearly visible and it’s really easy to use.

Screen Grab04 copy

This function is probably my favorite addition – you are now able to create a temporary playlist that iTunes plays automatically plays. When the list ends, add more to it and keep on listening.

Screen Grab03 copy

And how exactly do you add songs to this temporary playlist? Easy – Choose either artist, song or album and click “Play Next”  and the song’s played immediately after the one playing or then you can click “Add to Up Next” and your choice is added to the playlist. iTunes has a number of bells and whistles that I haven’t even discovered yet but I wanted to share my favorite one.

iTunes 11.0 receives a hearty thumbs-up and goofy, joyful smile!



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