What a Way to Spend My Friday

I’ve spent my Friday with hunting down final Christmas presents and desperately trying to finish final assignments for a couple of courses. I haven’t been able to concentrate on the final essay which is due in a week, so I have nine books by my bed, waiting for me to pick them up and start reading them. Oh, and I succeeded in ruining my laptop’s keyboard while cleaning said keyboard. Well, it’s not entirely broken but I can’t type as fast as I’m used to, so I had to figure something out… Which I did. Also, it’s so dark here since all the snow that fell yesterday melted quickly away and was reduced to barely noticeable puddles of wetness. Not exactly what I’m used to for December… 

Photo 07-12-2012 23 25 24 Photo 07-12-2012 23 25 56 Photo 07-12-2012 23 26 24 Photo 07-12-2012 23 26 56

I’ve been feeling a lot like this the entire week…



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