Before Heading Home

The past two weeks have been hectic. I finished shopping for presents.

Photo 07-12-2012 13 59 48

I celebrated pikku-joulu with fancy hair accessories in my bun.

Photo 09-12-2012 08 19 20

I had a Christmas Movie Marathon with Siiri, Laufey and Salka. We watched The Sound of Music, The Grinch and Fantasia 2000 and it was absolutely marvelous.

Photo 10-12-2012 00 51 22 Photo 10-12-2012 00 51 53

We received a surprise gift from Camilla (Thank you so much! The chocolate disappeared in a blink. By the way – email’s on the way!)

Photo 10-12-2012 19 34 23

From who I received the most epic key chain every – Donut!

Photo 10-12-2012 19 34 55

And I received my birthday present from my amazing brother and his amazing girlfriend! The Lilla My mug came directly into use. Also, the best coaster I will ever own.

Photo 10-12-2012 19 35 21

And today I submitted my last essay for the trimester which means that I am official on leave from university. Hip hip hurra! On another note I succeeded in getting one of my fingers jammed in the kitchen door so now I have no feeling in it whatsoever. Don’t worry, it’s not broken – I checked.

Photo 14-12-2012 12 36 55

Also, winter in Scotland means wet, wet, wet, amazing brilliant beautiful weather, wet, wet and wet. Luckily it’s cozy all the same, where the sun shining or not. We’ve also enjoyed some snow, but nothing more than a few snowflakes here and there.

Photo 15-12-2012 00 31 36

So today I’ve done nothing else than clean, pack, check into my flights, pop over to uni to print my tickets and lazy around while watching TV. I still need to re-pack my suitcase but I have time to do that in the morning before I leave.

Photo 15-12-2012 00 31 07

And now it is time for me to get some shut-eye. I’ll blog more on Sunday evening when I’ve gotten back home to Finland and enjoyed my first day back. Until then,




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