Assassin’s Creed and Some Other Gaming News

Today I finished Assassin’s Creed 3 and thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to share what I’ve collected the past four weeks. Warning: This is mostly Assassin’s Creed related but there are some other gaming news at the end. This time we’re kicking of with a couple of videos:

Now onto the straight line of Assassin’s Creed news and other tidbits that have been clogging my Reading List:

It was some time ago but a number of members of the Dev Team did an AmA on Reddit, much to the amusement and joy of Redditors and loyal Assassin’s Creed fans. I have also bookmarked a number of interviews, one with lead writer Corey May in LA Times and the other with creative director Alex Hutchinson in EuroGamer. Oh, and let’s not forget this amazing “interview” with Matt Turner and Alex Hutchinson on Kotaku. On another side of the developer-gamer board, Redditor Gasman91 has shared some handy tips for gameplay and the AC subreddit also made this spoiler-free guide to a few tricks to the game.

But as splendid AC3 is, it has not been without a couple of glitches, of which I have noticed only a few but hilarious. Luckily Ubisoft has provided already one patch and a second one coming, to fix any bugs left. And now, since many have played the story, the rumour mill has started, gossip is spreading and people are discussing the possibilities and eventualities of the has done a good analysis of the ending (I agree with some of the points presented), speculations as to location (Brazil) have begun to spread (Which I do not support. I have another idea which features Connor, Desmond’s father and the French Revolution. Some points and details in the game indicate this, but we won’t know for sure until next year). WhatCulture! has 10 things they want to see from the next installment, of which I find a few interesting and plausible.

Reddit has been active in discussing Assassin’s Creed (And not just the what if’s, when’s and gameplay tactics) but also: features that were cut from the game, the existence of a Haytham Kenway outfit (A truly curious character, much like Connor) and a future blacksmith asking for schematics. One credditor seems to have found a script for something Assassin’s Creedanother shared concept art for three different assassin’s and a third the wallpapers unlocked through UPlay. Oh, and a multitude of wallpapers. A well-known fact is that dA artists are amazing at creating concept art (Well, fan-made). A current favorite (Courtesy of Reddit) is ChaoyuanXu. Also courtesy of Reddit:

by, and it did not take long for the image to be edited.

Also in pictures, The Expert Orca Killer and Ubisoft released backgrounds and wallpapers in celebration of the franchise’s fifth year. Really? Five years? Wow…

I’m going to quickly run through the final Assassin’s Creed things which include Connor’s acceptance speech at the VGA (which sadly did not come to use…)The Tomahawk (available from Amazon), Assassin’s Creed Anthology (also available via Amazon) – all the games, all the dlc in a single massive box and last but not least Creed earringsflagartbook and countless comic books I had forgotten about.

There we have it – that’s all the news and stuff related to Assassin’s Creed that has been sitting in my Bookmarks, waiting to be shared. This means we are nearing the end of this almost endless post. I’ll voice my own opinion some time soon – I need to group my thoughts and recuperate from my sprint through the game. The next couple of days are going to be spent carefully going through it, relishing every detail I missed earlier. Anyway the final things I want to share today, in regards to gaming, are: an album of images from Skyrim’s upcoming DLC – “Dragonborn”Dishonored sold better than Bethesda expecteddetails on the new Xbox are soon to comeTime Magazine’s list of All Time 100 Video Games (does not include the one I wanted but oh well) and finally check out these cool luggage labels by A.J Hateley from around the gaming world.


Sigh. That’s it folks. That is all I have for now. It’s a lot and that’s okay – take your time to read it while I go off and play more Assassin’s Creed 3. I swear, that game is so good it is no joke. And I’ll explain why next week when I have several days off. and time to write Until then,



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