Monday Madness

It’s been an intense week-and-a-half. Here are a few chosen highlights from the past two eventful weeks.

Photo 07-02-2013 12 54 13

Finished up in the studio to disappointing results in the sense that I wasn’t entirely happy with the outcome… Had Crit today which was unsurprisingly depressing. But that’s the way it is.

Photo 07-02-2013 20 32 31 Photo 07-02-2013 20 33 02 Photo 07-02-2013 20 45 28 Photo 07-02-2013 20 45 59 Photo 07-02-2013 20 46 36 Photo 07-02-2013 20 47 21 Photo 09-02-2013 18 34 12Photo 09-02-2013 23 46 31

Lovely Siiri posing with one of her masterful creations.

Celebrated Valentine’s Day (Ystävänpäivä or Alle Hjärtans Dag for me) a good week before the actual day by decorating and devouring cupcakes.

Photo 09-02-2013 20 10 38 Photo 09-02-2013 20 13 45 Photo 09-02-2013 23 41 40

I took a Saturday off, together with my roommates,  to roam the shops along Princes Street and buy a new foundation. I’ll tell you this – No7’s Match Make service is excellent. Never before have I had a tone that suits my own so perfectly I am really happy with it both the service and the foundation! Also, a new store in Edinburgh (Anime Something inside Princes Mall) sells Pocky and other Japanese goodies. 

Photo 09-02-2013 23 42 24 Photo 09-02-2013 23 43 47 Photo 09-02-2013 23 44 23 

A true Viking, Laufey, wearing the greatest misunderstanding in sartorial history.

But before we headed to the shops we visited the National Museum of History’s Viking exhibition. I can recommend it but take the information exhibited with a grain of salt as some points are actually inaccurate. 

Photo 11-02-2013 10 28 47 Photo 11-02-2013 10 29 16 Photo 12-02-2013 15 17 52

The past two weeks went by in a flurry of finalizing projects and printing for the deadline we had today. I cannot tell you how relieved I am that that’s finished. Now all I have to do is do the research for an essay in one module, shoot for another and write an assessment on a third. My hand’s are full…

Photo 13-02-2013 21 10 24 Photo 15-02-2013 21 58 17

Lovely Bea popped by to visit and to audition to uni here. Fingers crossed to her joining us here! The other person guzzling a Crabbies is Salka.

Photo 16-02-2013 17 48 40 Photo 16-02-2013 17 49 50

We spent a long, lovely (and dramatic) end of the week, and weekend. Despite some dramatic twists, the weekend was the best weekend in a long time.

Photo 18-02-2013 16 53 03 Photo 18-02-2013 16 53 54 Photo 18-02-2013 16 54 38

Last but not least – today. Today was a stressful and maddening day which still hasn’t ended. I’m calming down after the Crit by watching Castle and Once Upon a Time which should ease my nerves and mind. If not I’ll resort to chocolate and bad movies. However, Once Upon a Time is doing exactly what it should – distracting me from my own thoughts.



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