Tyranny of George Washington & Some Other Things

I’d just like to say that I have a massive Assassin’s Creed post that has been brewing and simmering for the past month or so and it’s still coming. I just need to find an entire day off where I take the time to go through everything and arrange it in some kind of a coherent fashion. But until then – here’s just something to sink your teeth in.

I have to admit that I still haven’t played TOKW but hopefully it is just as amazing as AC3 itself is. Especially now that it has been announced that the DLC’s storyline is indeed canon to the main storyline Oh, and hopefully you’ve already read the news that Ubisoft is developing the next installment (and are, according to rumors, hosting a press event on Feb 27th which may or may not concern Assassin’s Creed 4). Most of the things I’ve read about AC4 are more or less rumours but check it out yourself if you’re interested.

And last but definitely not least, this:

Amazing, no?



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