Black Flag

And thus Assassin’s Creed Black Flag presented for us mortals. The press embargo has been lifted which means that, VG 24/ and IGN are free to report share what they know about the game. Well, at least what they (and we) know thus far. If you want to have all of the links on the same page, check this out. I have to admit that I was a bit pessimistic about the change of scene and characters but this promises to be legendary. And apparently I’m not alone in this sentiment (as you can see and read here and here). 

Anyway – not only have we been given information regarding the game but fresh screenshots have been leaked. Take a peek at them herehere and here. We also have a look at:

The Jackdaw, the chosen vessel of our protagonist Edward Kenway, private and assassin.

An interesting discussion and point of interest is the lack of beak on Edward’s hood

Ubisoft posted this map on their Facebook page which shows which studios are developing AC4:BF and again the amount is impressing.

In further and related things: A kind redditor shared details of the poster one gets when pre-ordering the gamequestions about Special Editions pop up (which I have to admit that I’m interested in as well), trailer analysis but a variety of fans reveal curious details regarding the movie, oh and apparently  Connor was aware of his Grandfather

A common attitude you come across… But you know what? I’m actually happy with the direction this game is going. I am sad and disappointed that we won’t be seeing Connor (Soon?) since I enjoyed AC3. I also hope that they hold some of the mechanics that were developed in the previous installment. 

Anyway – that’s what I have until now. I’ll post more the next time I come across something interesting. 



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