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Another weeks has passed by and the end of my term is closing in. But I do have a couple of jam-packed weeks until then. So these weekly updates will continue until further notice. With no, or little, further ado:

Photo 22-03-2013 00 42 11

An early wakeup call required multiple calls. What followed was a long day on campus doing various things around and about.

Photo 22-03-2013 18 44 21

The end of a long day meant hiding under various blankets before dinner.Photo 23-03-2013 14 37 54

Photo 23-03-2013 14 38 52

A weekend visit to a vintage fair ended with a happy and cozy lunch at Wagamama’s with some of the loveliest ladies I know (Including lovely Siiri (who is here as well), Laufarn and two ladies who wished to remain unnamed.

Photo 23-03-2013 17 01 02 Photo 23-03-2013 17 02 07

Afterwards Siiri and I walked over to the nearest Boots and along the way we stopped at HMV where we found this standing, menacingly glowering at passer-by’s. Siiri did ask if I wanted a picture of myself with Connor but I figured that would have been a step too far so two pictures sufficed.

Photo 26-03-2013 09 38 28

The weeks prior to Easter holiday were mostly days spent in the studio, testing and re-shooting some projects.

Photo 26-03-2013 09 39 36

And getting a bit too excited about Black Flag…

Photo 26-03-2013 09 40 31

Studio work quickly becomes routine when you know what you are after and the lighting your image requires. There’s not much “magic”, it’s mostly sweaty and frustrating work.Photo 26-03-2013 13 20 17

Film – my favorite photographic material, how I have missed you. I’ve really enjoyed finding my way back into the craftwork of processing and developing film. Truth be told, digital photography is nothing like analog photography and I prefer analog.

Photo 26-03-2013 14 48 23

On the other hand, scanning negatives is not as nearly as enjoyable as processing and is a lot more time-consuming and a surprisingly mind-numbing and mechanical task.

But then – Easter break! Which means a lot of things, including but not restricted to:

Photo 27-03-2013 17 29 51

Catch up with all the read I have to do,

Photo 30-03-2013 01 40 17

Enjoy the arrival of spring,

Photo 31-03-2013 16 24 47

Prepare for the arrival of my visiting parents,

Photo 31-03-2013 16 25 19

Photo 31-03-2013 16 26 41

Purchase spring flowers and wait optimistically for the arrival of summer and warmer temperatures,Photo 31-03-2013 16 35 02

and keep track of my parents flight.

Photo 31-03-2013 21 21 00

And that is how my eventful my previous week(s) was (Not very). I’ll be gone for most of this week and will be arriving back home Sunday night which means that Wednesday and Friday will be post-less. Blogging will resume as usual on Monday. After that I’ll be spending the rest of my break doing research for an essay and visiting museums, shows and sites around town.

Photo 31-03-2013 21 40 16

Until then, r


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