Time to Fly the Flag

And thus E3 has reached its inevitable end with the latest news and information in regards to upcoming games. Being a major fan of the Assassin’s Creed I’ve collected the mot interesting tidbits from all over the Internet. From newly released trailers to older discussions regarding the fine details of the AC universe – here’s what I’ve saved thus far.

Reddit user sidspyker (Who also seems to be an info magician) posts the biggest info dump outside of any magazine or website, giving a sneak peek into details and features previously unmentioned. Polygon has an interesting article in the “romantic” relationships of Edward Kenway of which we will see many, apparently. GameInformer gives us a short written preview of what is to coming. Ubisoft’s own UbiBlog compares the Jackdaw to the USS Enterprise, which is an interesting comparison to say the least.

A short look into the (possible) history of Edward Kenway and a r/assassinscreed discussion into what kind of accent Kenway will be speaking with, since he is a Welshman after all and Ubisoft has promised to their players that they will try to be as accurate as possible. Also, a kind redditor shares the world map of Black Flag which shows all the possible destinations for Kenway and his crew.



Shiver me timbers, this epilogue should’ve been included in the ending of Assassin’s Creed 3. It may have better wrapped Connor’s part, an issue much discussed here and here. Oh, and the epilogue is actually part of the novel “Forsaken”.

Redditors have also discussed whether the Brotherhood is good or badcompared Connor and Edwarddiscussed the various styles and methods of each assassin, ceaselessly debated on a possible return to older game mechanics (AC1 to AC3) and pondered on what actually happened to Desmond at the end of AC3. All the while fans debate the franchise’s finer details Ubisoft admits that they will continue with the annual releases until the fans have enough and talks next-gen possibilities and morethe Assassin’s Creed movie receives an official premiere date,  it is implied that Watch_Dogs and AC could possibly share the same universe (unconfirmed) and mysterious messages show up in the assassinscreed subreddit.



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