Whoa of the Day: The “KaleidoCamera”

A Reconfigurable Camera Add-On for High Dynamic Range, Multispectral, Polarization, and Light-Field Imaging.

We propose a non-permanent add-on that enables plenoptic imaging with standard cameras. Our design is based on a physical copying mechanism that multiplies a sensor image into a number of identical copies that still carry the plenoptic information of interest. Via different optical filters, we can then recover the desired information. A minor modification of the design also allows for aperture sub-sampling and, hence, light-field imaging. As the filters in our design are exchangeable, a reconfiguration for different imaging purposes is possible. We show in a prototype setup that high dynamic range,
multispectral, polarization, and light-field imaging can be achieved with our design.

More info and results here:

I rarely share things that belong on my private, photography-related blog here but this was so amazing that I felt compelled to post it here. This add-on would make so many techniques possible for DSLR’s. I sincerely hope this sees the light of day and gains the recognition it needs.


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