If You’re Of The Curious Kind Then Look This Way…

Howdy stranger, and welcome to Rebecca’s Corner – a place filled with  tricks, talks and thingie-ma-bobs.

As you might’ve guessed my name is Rebecca and I am your guide through the enchanting, and often confusing world ,of Rebecca’s Corner.

No, seriously –

I’m Rebecca – a “student” living in Helsinki (at least for the time being). This blog is a blog about me, my interests and the world that surrounds me.

Now, it’s not just about me. It’s also about you, my dear reader and fellow companion. What I try to do is pick and choose, hunt down the weird, quirky, interesting and insane that I find scattered around. Than I dump them here for your (and my own) convenience and wander off again on my way.

As You might notice my interest range from everything to anything.  There will be random fashion shots, style discussions, garbling, gurgling and gushing about the most inane things but there will also be poetry, social commentaries, amusing anecdotes, stories and notations and random ramblings. So expect the unexpectable and enjoy the ride!

Oh, and please feel free to leave a comment – I don’t bite. I might bark, but it’s nicer than my bite.



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