Shoe’s A Much: Vampy Heel




Shoe’s A Much: Christmas Wishes

I know I swore some time ago that I would never, ever like a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Well it’s time for me to shuffle my feet awkwardly and admit that I have found a couple that I actually like. I myself possess a pair of the Puffer St sandals in Clear (I think that’s what they’re called) and ever since I’ve kind off started liking some of the shoes coming from Campbell’s. I may or may not have gushed about the amazing Bladz boot which costs a mere 555 or 565 dollars (that’s a mere 433 euros or 348 pounds), available from SoleStruck and Urban Outfitters. But maybe you want to save some cash as we are now approaching the festive seasons and the prospect of buying presents is looming on the horizon? Well, so do I. And that’s why I today casually browsed new arrivals and stumbled upon a couple of pairs that I wouldn’t mind having as stocking filling.

First of all – the Terminator (I hope the reference is intended because I think it is. And I did chuckle to it…)

How cool are these? I admit that on the other example images they come off as a bit over-shiny, plastic and dominatrix so I’d consider these carefully. But I like the line of studs on the back which reminds me a lot of the Bladz pair which are my dream boots right now (But really? 555 bucks? Sheesh).

These also sport a hefty price tag of 275,95 pounds so I’d think long and hard before actually seriously considering a purchase. But then again – they are Jeffrey Campbell… And Campbell’s are not exactly the least expensive shoes available online from stores such as UO, Nelly or the likes.

Second is the Starry Nite Platform, available from Nastygal. These are adorable. And coming in at just under 117 pounds, so they’re not insanely priced.

Third is a combination of two things I love to wear: the color red and soft fabrics. It’s the Audrey Platform Wedge in Red Suede, also from Nastygal, coming in at around 97 pounds. I’m sorry, I’m such a sucker for suede or velvet so I could not resist the temptation of adding them to this dreamlist… They remind me of a pair of wedges that I have which are from H&M a couple years back, both in colour and fabric. Although my H&M wedges are a third of the price to these.

And last but not least, Soiree Platform also in Red Suede coming in at 86 pounds and 3 three pence. Seriously, what is it with me, red and suede? I need to add more colour into my wardrobe…

And that’s it. I promise that there will be less shoes in the future. This was just a reaction to the stress I’m having with one of my modules. That’s all folks! Happy stocking filling hunting!